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SundayU is an online training platform for everyone behind the scenes at your church. Enroll today and get access to master class training and coaching from real church practitioners. 

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You'll learn the importance of engaging with your community online and offline, and how to use the tools needed to be the most effective.


Most of our students are one-person shows, who wear too many hats. We'll show you how to recruit and train people to help carry the load.


Often overlooked and under-resourced, but vitally important to the growth and health of your church. Learn the best strategies and most effective communications and marketing tools.


Our systems and planners will help you get organized and stay focused on what matters. Everything is highly practical and easy to implement.

Here's how we'll help you do it.

These are just some of the resources and services you’ll have access to when you enroll with SundayU. Most of all, you’ll have a community of church practitioners, experts, and people just like you to lean on and learn from.

Video Training

Video Training

Over 300 training videos and expert interviews, on every topic from managing social media to training volunteers. Our videos are highly practical, focusing on a strategy and how you can implement it at your church.

Certification Courses

Certification Courses

Access master class style lessons from expert instructors on topics from social media to guest services to leadership.

Ministry Coaching

Ministry Coaching

Connect with a ministry coach for expert support, outside perspective, or just someone to talk to who knows what it's like to be in your shoes.

Online Summits

Online Summits

SundayU hosts live online summits throughout the year, providing practical training from top leaders for you and your team.

+ You'll Also Receive Our Annual 
Church Communications PlanBook & Social Planner

A customizable planning system that helps you map out your entire year of communications and marketing initiatives at your church, and keeps you on track all year long. It’s free with every membership, and updated every year.

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