What current songs were churches singing this last week? Here’s our analysis of tweets to discover the most popular worship songs right now.

Click through to give the songs a listen or to download them.

1. Cornerstone

by Hillsong Live

2. This is Amazing Grace

by Phil Wickham

3. Death Was Arrested

by North Point InsideOut

4. Good Good Father

by Chris Tomlin

5. Lion and the Lamb

by Leeland and Bethel

6. Mighty to Save

by Hillsong Live

7. O Praise the Name (Anástasis)

by Hillsong Worship

8. Open Up the Heavens

by Vertical Church Band

9. The Stand

by Hillsong UNITED

10. What a Beautiful Name

by Hillsong Worship

Did your church sing any of these songs this week? Which ones? Which songs did you combine them with? Share in a comment below.

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