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And by “street” we mean virtually, of course.
Become a SundayU Ambassador and help spread the word about SundayU. As people sign up, you’ll get rewarded. Massively rewarded.

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SundayU Ambassadors

Many will apply. Not everyone will be approved. Anyone can sign up as an affiliate and earn $25 every time someone signs up for SundayU using their link. But SundayU Ambassadors aren’t just anyone. They’re online influencers committed to spreading the word about SundayU, and earning serious rewards for doing so.


Earn $50 every time someone signs up for SundayU. That’s double what normal affiliates earn.


Get exclusive swag. Like t-shirts, YETI mugs, and other goodies only available to SundayU Ambassadors.


SundayU Ambassadors get VIP perks like exclusive content, mega discounts at That Church Conference, and more.

What are you looking for?

A ton of followers or a massive email list is great, but what we’re really looking for are Ambassadors who will eagerly and consistently share about SundayU. This not only means sharing links on social media, but writing blog posts, reviews, and mentioning SundayU in related Facebook groups and comment threads.


How exclusive is this program?

Very. Only a select few will be approved. Don’t apply if you’re not serious about spreading the word about SundayU.


What kind of help will we get?

We’ll provide you with shareable images, blog post copy, tweet ideas, and discount codes that you can share. You’ll also be added to a private Facebook group for support.


Are the rewards really worth it?

You tell us. You’ll be our partner and your feedback will help steer this program. Not only will you get $50 every time someone signs up, but you’ll get a free t-shirt when approved for the program, and other gifts like YETI mugs, free books, and more the longer you stick with us. Not to mention discounts, first access to new stuff, and other perks.

We plan on rewarding our Ambassadors big time!


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