Statement of Faith

SundayU is not affiliated with any particular denomination, church, or group and we serve a multitude of different denominations and people from different backgrounds and beliefs.

Anyone is welcome to enjoy our resources, services, and events, however not everyone may find the content we produce in alignment with their own beliefs. 

The following outlines our beliefs, values, convictions, and what we want to be known for. 

What We Are

We exist to help churches reach more people and engage with their communities from Sunday to Sunday. 

We do this through our online training, resources, coaching, services, and conferences. 

We are organized as a privately-owned corporation called The Sunday Group LLC, based in the state of Georgia. While we serve as a para-church organization, we are not registered as a non-profit or 501(c)3. 

What We Believe

We subscribe to what many would describe as traditional and historic evangelical beliefs. While the churches and leaders that we serve, and even those on our own team, may vary on issues of secondary importance, we do wish to make known our convictions on the following theologically-driven core values and beliefs:

  1. The Gospel is central to our work and lives
  2. The work of the Holy Spirit is active and necessary for life and ministry
  3. The local church is God’s primary mission strategy
  4. The Bible is our inspired, infallible, and inerrant guide that which all matters of faith and conduct must be evaluated against

We believe the gospel is the good news that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, became a man and lived a perfectly righteous and sinless life on Earth, and died on the cross in our place, fully absorbing the wrath of God, paying the just penalty for our sins and thus reconciling us to God, and allowing us to fully enjoy God. 

After dying on the cross, we believe that Jesus rose from the grave, appearing to many witnesses and proving that he was physically alive and had defeated death. Through faith we are united with the risen Christ, raised with Christ, and granted the same Holy Spirit power that raised him from the dead. 

We benefit from Jesus’ resurrection by the forgiveness of sins, justification, sanctification, and ultimately glorification. We believe that justification through the work of Jesus is possible by grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone. Because Jesus is alive forever, we confidently trust that one day we will likewise rise from our grave to live together as God’s people with him forever. 

We believe that the local church is a community of regenerated believers who confess Jesus Christ as Lord, and that the universal church is comprised of all God’s people in all times and places, unified by the Spirit in love, and corrected for holiness, and commissioned by Jesus with the power of the Holy Spirit to preach the gospel, make disciples, and grow the church. 

As an organization comprised of people belonging to God’s universal church, we strive to empower and resource local churches and ministries for the work of spreading the gospel, making disciples, and building strong communities.

What We Want to Be Known For 

Through our words and actions we adhere to the following values, and strive to be known for:

  • Helping churches grow and thrive by providing practical teaching and resources 
  • Pursuing holiness and humility in our lives and interactions
  • Being a radically diverse and global community
  • Being generous and collaborative 

We share this information as a way for you to better understand our view and the content that we create, knowing that it is important to many churches whom they align themselves with. We pray our resources and services are helpful for your church and ministry, regardless of your beliefs and background.

We also encourage and help foster collaboration among our online and offline communities. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in discussions, comments, and even healthy debates, keeping in mind that many of our properties have specific guidelines and rules of engagement. 

If you have any other questions about our beliefs, convictions, or anything else, we encourage you to contact us directly.