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Our coaches are church practitioners just like you. They’ve been in the trenches, and have the scars to prove it. 

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Justin Dean

Justin Dean

Founder of SundayU and That Church Conference, former Communications Director at Mars Hill Church in Seattle.

Chuck Scoggins

Chuck Scoggins

Owner of marketing agency, InMarkCo. Previously Creative Director at New River Church and former Director of the Center for Church Communications.

Meagan Ranson

Meagan Ranson

Social Media, Marketing, and Communications Advisor. Former Communications Director for 24|2 Community Church.

...and More

...and More

We'll match you with the best advisors from our network of church practitioners and experts.

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When you schedule a session, we’ll pair you up with the best coach for your situation. When necessary we’ll also bring in outside experts from our network of friends and church leaders. Whatever issue you’re struggling with, we’ll get you someone who can help.

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