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Join a Huddle Group

SundayU Huddle Groups are online based community groups for church leaders. Find other like-minded church practitioners who do what you do, at churches like yours. Meet regularly online and offline, collaborate, lift each other up, and help each other grow.

We Are Better Together

why join a huddle group?

Because you can’t and shouldn’t do this alone. Ministry is tough. Join a Huddle Group and connect with people who do what you do. We’ll give you the tools to stay connected, get the help you need, and grow.

Stay Connected

Each Huddle Group gets their own private network to share, collaborate, and stay connected with each other from day to day.

Get Help

SundayU coaches and instructors will be available to help your group when needed, to provide resources and connect you with our network of experts.


We are better together. Huddle Groups are designed to help you grow as a believer and a church leader, and in turn provide you the tools & resources to help grow your church.

Ready to Get Started?

Choose whether you want to start your own group, or request to join an existing group.

Start a New Group

Start your own group and invite your friends and colleagues to join you.

As the Group Organizer you’ll setup and manage the online forum, help facilitate group discussions, and ultimately manage who is invited to the group. Organizers are first among equals, taking on the responsibility of the group’s health and growth. 

🏁 Read the Group Starter Guide first.

Join a Group

Browse existing groups and request to join when you find one that looks like a good fit. If you don’t see any you like, consider starting your own.

How do Huddle Groups Work?

Browse existing groups to join, or start your own. Huddle up with other church practitioners who do what you do, in churches like yours. 

Once you join you’ll have access to your group’s private network on, much like a Facebook group, where you can share and collaborate and have discussions amongst each other.

SundayU facilitators will provide tools and resources to encourage discussion and collaboration, and will be around to help your group thrive.

You get to choose which group to be in, whether you join an existing one or start your own.

Most people choose to huddle up with other people from churches like theirs (same size, affiliation, etc.), or choose to be part of groups based on geographical location. We encourage groups to meet up in real life, as well as connect online.

If you start a new group, as the group organizer you’ll have access to invite whomever you want to your group.

That’s up to you. You can choose to create or join a group that is only men, or only women. We encourage co-ed groups as much as possible so that we can all learn from each other.

There are no set limits on how long a group stays together. Our hope is that you’d form bonds within your group and want to stay together for the long haul. You are free to leave a group, or join another group at any time.

Once you are in a group you will have access to that group’s private network on You’ll be able to post and share within your group, have discussions, and message other members. The functionality is very similar to a Facebook Group. 

We encourage huddle groups to share their work, ask questions, seek prayer, and open up to each other so you can learn and grow together. 

SundayU facilitators will also provide discussion topics and resources to help your group thrive. 

Once you’re in a group you’ll have access to post and have discussions with your fellow group members as often as you’d like, much like participating in a  Facebook Group.

It’s up to your group if you want to schedule regular video conference calls, or even local meetups.

We encourage meeting up with your huddle group in real life when you’re able to. 

Take your group offline for weekly or monthly coffee meetups. Come to each other’s church events, or all go see a movie together. Our hope is that you would create a lasting bond with the members of your group. 

A Group Organizer helps setup and manage the online forum, helps facilitate group discussions, and ultimately manages who is invited to the group. 

When you setup a new group, you’ll have 3 options: Public, Private, or Hidden.

ny member can see the group, the discussions in the group, and join the group without approval.

We encourage most huddle groups to setup as private or public.