Huddle Group Starter Guide

How to Start Your Own SundayU Huddle Group

Start your own group and invite your friends and colleagues to join you.

As a Group Organizer you’ll setup and manage the online forum, help facilitate group discussions, and ultimately manage who is invited to the group. Group Organizers are first among equals, taking on the responsibility of the group’s health and growth. 

When you start a new group you’ll walk through a setup wizard.

First things first, your group needs a name. Choose something creative, or something descriptive, it’s up to you.

You can also add a description. Both the name and description help people know what your group is about, as they decide whether they want to join – so choose wisely.

Next you’ll need to choose the privacy options you want for your group.

We suggest most groups choose private or public. 

ny member can see the group, the discussions in the group, and join the group without approval.

Below the privacy options you’ll choose various different preferences for your group. How you want to invite new members, who can post, etc.

How you want to organize your group is up to you.

In the next step you’ll choose whether your group will have a discussion forum or not.

All groups will have a news feed where people can post status updates, but a forum allows you to have organized discussion threads.

Now it’s time to choose a photo that represents your group. In the next two steps you can choose a profile-type photo and a cover photo.

You can find free to use photos on

If you need more time, you can always add these images later.

The last step in setting up your new group is to choose your first members. 

You can add people from your connections, or click on All Members to choose from everyone registered on SundayU. People will need at least a free SundayU account in order to join your group.

Once you have chosen everyone you want to invite into your group, you can write an optional message that will be sent with their invite.

This is a great opportunity to explain what you intend your group to be about, and why you’ve invited these people.

You don’t have to choose everyone now, you can still invite them later.


Once you’ve gone through the steps and click Finish, your group will be created and listed in the Groups Directory.

You can easily get to your group from your profile, or from the My Groups link in the side panel.


Huddle Groups are a great place to share and collaborate on projects. They’re a safe place to share your work with a trusted few, where you can get feedback without all the noise.


Group members can lean on each other for support. Share resources, feedback, and check in on each other when needed.


Create a safe environment where your group members can turn to each other for prayer, whether personal or ministry related. Intentionally ask for prayer requests and take time to pray for each other.


Not only serve each other in the group, but find ways for your group to serve together either online or offline within your community.

We Are better together

first among equals

We see Group Organizers as first among equals in our huddle groups. You have the responsibility of setting up the group, and approving new members. 

However, your main job is to help foster collaboration in the group, to work together as a team, and help the group thrive.

Ready to go?

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