Church Comm Summit Schedule

The summit will stream live each day, starting at 12pm and ending at 4pm EDT.

Monday, May 4

Josh Gregoire, Marian-Liautaud, & Greg Snider – Relaunch Church: Aligning Your Facility for a Post-COVID Culture
Stephen Brewster – 8 Ways to Stay Creative During Crazy Times
Carl Barnhill – 5 Practical Tips for Doing Church Online
Justin Brackett & Patrick Berry – How Do We Reach People Where They Are?
Shawn Lovejoy – How to Build a Killer Team Without Killing Your Team
Ben Stapley – Storytelling Builds Culture
Brady Shearer – How to Upgrade Your Church’s Website
Brian Beauford – 4 Bad Habits Churches Can Avoid
Briana Walters – Let’s Get Social! How To Create and Manage a Social Team
Dave Shrein – Live Streaming for the Church
Jenni Catron – Nurturing Your Team Culture in Turbulent Times

Tuesday, May 5

Luke McElroy – Automating Volunteer Training
Joey Weller – You Have the Power to Reach a Generation
Kenny Jahng – Netflix Nation & the 4 Communications Shifts You Need to Adapt for Growth
Lauren Hunter – Being Consistent in Your Church Communication
Marcy Carrico – The Administrative Role in Church Communications
Holly Tate – Discovering Your Church’s Persona and How It Will Make Your Church More Effective
Mark Harvard – Broadcast Media Relations
Meagan Ranson – Responding to Negative Criticism
Meghan Howard – 6 Questions To Ask Before Posting to Social Media
Rob Laughter – 5 Things Small Churches Can Learn From Large Churches (and 3 Things They Can’t)
Ryan Holck – The 3 C’s Framework: Cut Through the Noise and Increase Engagement
Steve Fogg – How To Reach More People Through Church Online Using Digital Communications

Wednesday, May 6

Billy Hallowell – The Importance of Storytelling In a Digital Only World
Dave Adamson – Using Instagram to Teach the Bible
Wes Gay – Message Over Medium
Adam McLaughlin – Building a Social Media Volunteer Team
Josh Cook – No To Selfie: Building Authentic Relationships in a Social-Driven World
Greg Atkinson – Guest Relations & First Impressions Post COVID-19
Jadarien Sanders – Maximize Your Online Experience
Josh Irmler – How to Keep Engagement High While Doing Church Online
Dean Sweetman & Frank Barry – How to Start Receiving Online Donations Fast
Michael Tuszynski – How to End Last Minute Tasks
Trey Van Camp – How to Vlog Your Ministry & Make Much of Jesus