Plan Out Your Entire Year with the
Church Communications PlanBook

The Church Communications PlanBook is a customizable planning system that helps you map out your entire year of communications and marketing initiatives at your church.

“Finally, a yearly planning system built for church communicators!”

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Everything You Need to Plan Out Your Year
+ Be An Awesome Church Communications Leader

Follow the step-by-step guide to plan out your entire year of communications and marketing initiatives at your church, and better align your weekly and monthly goals with the goals of your pastor and church.

Plus, we also include tons of great tools to help you be a rockstar church communications and marketing leader.


The ChurchComm PlanBook is fully customizable and includes the editable Numbers/Excel files and Pages/Word files in addition to PDF’s. 

✅ Monthly Plan Sheets

✅ Pre-Built Calendars

✅ Daily Planner Sheets

✅ 52-Week Sunday Planners

✅ Content & Communications Schedules

✅ Project Brief Template

✅ Step-by-Step Guidebook

+ More…

Practical Done-For-You Tools

We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to get organized and stay organized. Just follow our step-by-step process and you’ll have your whole year mapped out in no time.

Just What You Need to Get Ahead & Stay Ahead

Your team will love having a guide to work from throughout the year. Your pastors will love you for being so organized and on top of things. More importantly, you’ll be able to manage communications for your church more effectively and efficiently


Here’s everything that’s included 👇

Communications Strategy & Planners

Planning Meeting Guide

Follow our step-by-step guide on how to coordinate & lead planning sessions to get everyone on the same page each quarter.


Daily Planner

A week-at-a-glance and daily planner to keep track of your personal tasks and help you focus on what matters. Designed specifically for church communicators & marketers.


Monthly Plan Sheets

Each sheet comes pre-filled with holidays and common church events. Just plug in your info using our easy 10-step process to plan out each month of the year. 

Daily, Quarterly, & Yearly Calendars

Editable calendars pre-filled with holidays and common church events that you can customize and help keep you focused throughout the year.


Monthly Reflections Worksheets

Use our worksheets to reflect on what worked and what didn’t each month, so you can adjust your strategy throughout the year.

Content & Promotions Planning


Project Brief Template

Every project should start with a Project Brief. We show you how to use it, and provide a customizable template for you.


Promotions Request Checklist

Learn how to get everyone on your church staff to funnel requests through one path and automate common tasks using our checklists.

Communications Calendar

An easy-to-use template sorted by Sundays that helps you itemize every communication in the church each week.

Content Schedule

Plan out blog posts, emails, social media, and other types of content for the year using our easy-to-use content schedule.

Weekend & Services Planning

52-Week Sunday Planners

Use our templates to plan out announcements and other key communications tasks for all 52 Sundays of the year.

Support & Step-by-Step Guides

Email Reminders & Tips

Optionally subscribe to receive monthly emails that will provide inspiration as well as keep you focused and on track all year.


Easily create your yearly plan and stay focused by following our step-by-step guide. We make it super easy!

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Church Communications Doesn’t Have to Be Overwhelming

Managing communications for a church can often be frustrating, but with the right organization tactics and strategy you can regain your sanity and stay focused on the mission. The Church Comm PlanBook provides the jumpstart you need to get ahead and start the year off right.

"This is seriously amazing! We serve at a small church (80 people or so) and we are thinking of hiring a part time communications director. This is going to be a great starting point!"

– Tanner Moushey, Granite Falls, Washington

"Churches often struggle with effective communications because the often fail to plan. Well, now they’re all out of excuses. The Church Comm Playbook is everything a church needs to plan and execute an effective strategy. I wholeheartedly recommend that every church take advantage of this resource."

– Chuck Scoggins,

"This is like a dream come true. I’ve been needing something to give my vision some structure. Can’t wait to put this to use!"

– Jeremy Schroeder, Spring, TX

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Get instant access to the fully customizable PlanBook and start planning your year today!