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Social Media Motor Mouth

I think social media is one of the most brilliant things we’ve introduced in the 21st century. It’s opened up communication on such a super-sonic global


Casting Vision for your Team

I’ve made a lot of mistakes when it comes to leading volunteer teams. One of the main things I learned is that I had to bleed vision. I had to consistently and passionately share the the vision behind why we existed as a team, why we were doing things a certain way, why we had certain leadership roles, why serving mattered, and so on.


Neuromarketing Is a Thing

I recently read an article about how neuroscience is a more important factor in marketing than web metrics or even what people are telling us they


Spotify: The New Mixtape

In most social media channels, the primary focus is geared towards getting the user to look at your content. But what if we created a tangible way for them to use our social media channels throughout daily life?


8 Event Ideas for Your Production Team

Within your Production Team, it’s your job to create the culture you want. Your volunteers should not just come in, push buttons and leave. You have to work to create opportunities where they can interact, relax, play, have fun and hangout – on Sundays and other times.


What To Do With a Negative Online Review

Online reviews from Google and Yelp can help people to find your church. However, what do you do if someone writes a negative online review of your church? There are a few appropriate ways to respond.